Legal Support Team provides services in the following branches of law:



- Civil law
- Corporate law
- Insurance law
- Intellectual property law
- Employment law
- Administrative law
- Tax law
- Customs law
- Construction law


   We provide necessary recommendations related to the above mentioned services, also we prepare legal documents of    different types and submit them to the appropriate bodies in accordance with fixed rules. Namely Legal Support Team    offers the following:


- Giving verbal and written (including via e-mail) legal advice;
- Drafting contracts of different types (purchase, grant, loan, rent, lease, hypothec, mortgage, usufruct,
   employment, service, etc);
- Providing recommendations for settling the disputes arising from pre-contract relationships or/and on the
   basis of contracts;
- Preparing the full package of constituent documents of commercial (LTD, JSC, JLC, etc.) and non- commercial

   legal entities and submitting them for registration;
- Preparing legal documents for reorganization (merger and joining, division, etc) of legal entities and
   submitting them for registration;
- Providing legal help to individual entrepreneurs and copartnerships of different forms.
- Handling the legal questions related to registration of real estate;
- Providing legal help on legalization of immovable property;
- Handling legal formalities related with construction activities;
- Representation in courts and arbitrage;
- Representation in administrative organs (including tax department, public registry, City Hall and other state
   and local government agencies) on various administrative proceedings (including administrative claims);
- Preparing legal opinions.